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A Strong Core Makes for a Strong Body

Building strength is essential for the body to continue to gain more strength and stamina. It builds upon what is gained and helps keep the body active. While discouraging a sedentary lifestyle, being active promotes healthy muscle growth which itself provides a lot of health benefits. But to reap the maximum benefits, its important to have proper form when exercising.

Why Proper Form is Important

When working out and lifting weights, more emphasis ought to be put on doing it right rather than simply being able to increase the amounts being lifted. Otherwise, one can risk injury and damage to the delicate tendons and ligaments between the knees and elbow joints. These places are the brunt of the force is needed to lift.

Squatting for a Good Core

The chest and lower abdomen, along with obliques and backside, comprise what is known as the core of the body. While many thinks that doing crunches and sit ups are effective exercises for chiseled abs, the reality is that other workouts that involve use of the arms and legs are more effective. One is squatting. The benefits of squats for core strength comes from raising and lowering the body using the thigh muscles and one’s own body weight for resistance, which requires energy to be concentrated in the core area.

A Few Squatting Tips to Keep in Mind

benefits of squats

A starting position involves standing upright, with feet apart to shoulder width. Knees ought to be pointing same as toes. The descending motion should be like when one is about to sit down, though without there being a chair behind. Knees must not face inward at all. When ascending, it is important to keep heels planted on the floor while keeping shoulders pulled back and chest facing upwards. There are other variations of the squat but those are the basics.